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Booking travel and accommodation

If you need to stay overnight in a hotel, or travel by train, aeroplane or ferry, you must book through XLNT, which is the travel agency with which the University has a booking agreement. Employees who use their own money to pay for hotel visits or travel by train or aeroplane that could have been booked via XLNT will only be reimbursed in exceptional circumstances. The travel agency can also book a connecting taxi, airport bus or a rental car in conjunction with the booking.

How to create a travel profile

All employees can book their own travel with XLNT, and most employees have an automatically generated travel profile. Find out if you have a travel profile by attempting to log in to the self-service portal. If you are newly-employed or do not have a profile, contact your travel reviewer.

Once you are logged in, you can switch the language to English on your profile. Click your name at the top of the page, then "Personliga inställningar " and language selection is at the top. 

You may need to supplement your travel profile with your mobile phone number and invoice reference (for example, 10NNNN – contact the financial support department if you do not know your reference). In the profile, the invoice reference is referred to as “kostnadsställe”. If this field is empty, you must update it before you can make a travel booking.

If your name is entered incorrectly in your travel profile, you can correct it by contacting either XLNT or your travel reviewer. Your name will also need to be changed in Primula.

How to book your travel

Travel should, in the first instance, be booked via XLNT’s self-booking system, as this involves the lowest fees. The price you are given when booking is exclusive of fees.

If you are making a booking on behalf of a colleague, visiting lecturer or another non-employee, you can also call or send an email to XLNT. Note that, for security reasons, confirmation emails are only sent to an mah.se-address.

You will be given alternatives to choose from and confirm directly by telephone or in the self-booking system. XLNT will then send a confirmation of the booking via email.


Link to the self-service portal

The first time you log in, click ”Glömt lösenord/Forgot your password”. Contact XLNT’s personal service if you do not receive a password. 

Your username is your email address, and you also have to enter your full name.

If your name has the letters Å, Ä, or Ö in it, it might be written using an international spelling. In this case, Å=AA  Ä=AE Ö=OE. If your name has a hyphen, try entering it both with and without it, for example Inga-Lill or Inga Lill. If you have several first names you may have to try entering all of them or only one of them. Contact XLNT's personal service for assistance.

If your password has been blocked, you can obtain a new one by clicking on “Forgot your password?”or by contacting XLNT by telephone or the online chat function. The password must be changed after 90 days.

Personal service

You can also make bookings by telephoning 040-632 00 31 or by sending an email to mah@xlnttravel.se.

XLNT will respond to your order by email within four hours, during office hours. You will then have 24 hours within which to check your booking and request any changes if anything is incorrect.

Cancellation or rebooking

Travel can be cancelled or rebooked – depending on the type of ticket you have bought – through XLNT’s personal service.


You will receive the invoice 2-4 weeks after your booking has been made. More information about processing invoices and accounting