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Business travel

Business travel is work-related travel that you have to undertake away from your regular place of work – at least 50 kilometres away from both your regular place of work and your home. Travel undertaken by visiting lecturers is also classed as business travel.

During business travel, you are insured by Sweden’s Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet). For travel outside of Sweden, you must take a travel card. Find out more about international travel

Always book through our travel agency

If you need to stay overnight in a hotel, or travel by train, plane or ferry, you must book through XLNT, which is the travel agency with which the university has a booking agreement. Employees who use their own money to pay for hotels, flights or train travel that could have been booked via XLNT will only be reimbursed in exceptional circumstances. The travel agency can also be used to book airport connections. Find out more about how to book travel

Select the most appropriate mode of travel with reference to our travel policy

You select the most appropriate mode of travel by taking into account ticket price, travelling time, working hours, accommodation costs and subsistence allowance, and book your own travel with the help of the travel agency. In as far as is possible, you should choose an environmentally friendly form of travel. If you are unsure as to which mode of travel is most appropriate, you can consult your travel reviewer.

Travel to the airport by airport bus or train if possible. Private cars or taxis may be used only when it is not possible or appropriate to travel by public transport. Share a car with other passengers, if possible.

If, for private reasons, you want to extend your stay, the university will pay for your homeward journey as long as this does not entail increased expense. If, however, you travel home from a location other than the site of your work-related activity, your return journey will not be paid for. The equivalent rules apply if you instead choose to travel to your destination earlier.

When you return

When you have returned from your business travel, you must complete a travel account in Primula so that your allowance and other forms of reimbursement will be paid. More information about what to do can be found here. You will also find information about how you should pay invoices that are connected to your travel.

Local travel by public transport and taxi

You can book travel by taxi for reasons other than connecting journeys through MyCabTravel. For journeys using public transport, you can either use your department’s Jojo card or pay for the journey yourself. Find out more about the procedure for local travel