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New Swedish name and new logo

Since Malmö University gained full university status on January 1, 2018, the Swedish name and the University logo have been replaced. This means that printed materials and a number of our communication channels have been updated. This page will be updated with the latest information on these changes.

On this page:

New logo and graphic manual
New email and website addresses
Updates on the current website and other platforms
Templates and merchandise
Other printed materials

New logo and graphic manual 

English logoMalmö University’s new logo in Swedish and English is now available for download, and a new graphic profile is in place.

Graphic manual and logo

New email and website addresses: mau.se

Email addresses

You now send and receive emails to the @mau.se alias. Your old @mah.se address will continue to work as the emails will be redirected to your new email address.

New mau.se website 

A pilot version of the new mau.se website is now available at pilot.mau.se, for a preview of what the new website will look like. It currently has start pages and a small number of other pages in Swedish and English. The existing website (mah.se) will continue to be the primary site in the first half of 2018. After that, mau.se will be the site that visitors are primarily directed to. Due to the large amount of web content which needs to be reviewed and moved, we will have the dual websites in 2018. In the beginning of 2019, mah.se will be closed for editing and later shut down. 

If you have any questions or would like to follow the development of the new website, join the Yammer group Webbplatsen mau.se.

Updates on the current website and other platforms

Webpages updated with new logo and name on mah.se

On many of our Swedish webpages, the word ‘högskola’ (and possible variations and combinations) has now been replaced by ‘universitet’. If your duties involve updating webpages in Swedish, you will need to review the pages for which you are responsible and make the necessary changes if you have not already done so. 

Social media 

The name, logo and bio texts on social media have been changed on University accounts. Our new Swedish Twitter name is @malmouni. On Facebook, the Swedish page is called Malmö universitet. The Twitter and Facebook accounts in English are not changing. On Instagram and Snapchat, we will continue to be called malmostudent.

If you are the editor of a social media account you must change the logo yourself. Do not create your own versions of the logotype, and contact the communications department with any questions.

English logo to be used on Facebook
English logo to be used on Twitter

Other domains and platforms (Proceedo, Kursinfo, MUEP etc.)  

The Communications Department has updated the logo on all blogs and sites within our blogg.mah.se domain. If your blog has not received the new logo yet, you will need to change it yourself.

The domain name, mah.se, will be replaced by mau.se wherever visible to the visitor. The IT Department is responsible for this. It can also help redirect blog pages and change their URLs. To request such support, please contact Servicedesk

The IT department has ordered new certificates for our systems. The certificate proves the identity of the system and is necessary when changing the name. As an owner or manager of a system you will need to find out how the name change will affect your system. Contact the service provider directly, and if you need further support, contact the IT department.

Study programme information

The name ‘Malmö högskola’ has been replaced by ‘Malmö universitet’ on all Swedish programme pages on edu.mah.se. The name has also been updated in the programme database, Kursinfo, so that all current programme syllabus texts read ‘Malmö universitet’ or ‘Malmö University’.

Newsletters and emails using the Apsis tool

The newsletter templates have been updated. The templates can be used in the same way as before, but they have a new look, featuring the new logo. If you already have a newsletter, do not simply change the logo, but switch over to the new template.

New logo featured on work computers 

The logo featured on the home screen and desktop background on work computers will not be updated automatically, but a new background is now available in your display settings.


Dissertation template

A new dissertation template, adapted to the new graphic profile and logo, is now available. 

Dissertation template

Templates for posters, research posters and PowerPoint presentations

Our poster templates will be reviewed in spring 2018. If you are in urgent need of a template with the new logo, please contact Fredrik Svensson.

A PowerPoint template with the new logo is now available.

Find current templates

Word templates

The Word templates for forms, documents, minutes etc. are now updated with Malmö University’s new logo. Archive any old templates and replace them with the new versions. 

Decisions and policy documents adopted before January 1, 2018 will continue to have Malmö University’s old logo. Decisions and policy documents adopted as of January 1, 2018 will have Malmö University’s new logo.

Here are the Word templates

Business cards

It is now possible to order a new set of business cards with the new logo, email address and URL. 

Order business cards


Building signage

Some 30 different signs on all our buildings will be replaced. The installation of most signs has been completed already, but a few more signs will follow when the construction permits are in place. 

Indoor signs 

Signs in Swedish, located inside our buildings, have been changed to read ‘Malmö universitet’ by the building caretakers.

Signs around town 

Skånetrafiken has changed the name of the bus stop ‘Högskolan’ to ‘Universitetet’. The municipal roadworks department in Malmö, Gatukontoret, has replaced all road signs which read ‘Högskola’ with ones that read ‘Universitet’.

Other printed materials

Presentation material about Malmö University

PowerPoint templates and slideshows: new PowerPoint presentations about the University with the new logo will be available in spring 2018.

Find PowerPoint templates


New roll-ups with the new University logo are now available in all buildings. If you want to borrow a roll-up, please contact the caretaker at your building or the Conference Service.


Our keycards/Multicards have been given a new look, but the old cards will continue to work. If you need a new card, go to one of the Multicard stations located at the Orkanen library and in the Faculty of Health and Society building. If you already have a Multicard, you need to cancel your card before you can get a new one. You can do this in ID-Service, by logging in and reporting your card missing. Go to Helpdesk if you need help getting a new card.

Information about Multicards

Malmö University merchandise

The Communications Department and Facility Service are working on developing new university merchandise. A basic selection (thermos mugs, pens, notepads, t-shirts, etc.) is now available. If you would like to place an order, please contact Facility Service.

Degree certificates

As of January 1, 2018, students who request a degree certificate from Malmö University will be issued with the new version. Students who graduated before January 1, 2018, cannot get new degree certificates.

Office supplies: envelopes

Our envelopes will be updated with the new logo and distributed to the stationery rooms.

Order office supplies via DeDu

Did we miss something, or do you have questions?

Please contact Lotta Orban or Ida Rosqvist at the Communications Department. They are coordinating the communication of the new university status.

On the Vägen till Malmö universitet Yammer group, you can find and share information regarding the work of preparing to become a fully-accredited university. Posting a question on Yammer means others will be able to learn from the answer as well.