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Service reports, bookings and IT support

IT support

If you need help with your phone, computer or any other IT device or the university’s online systems, or need support urgently while teaching, contact the Service Desk by email or phone.

Service reports

Reporting a problem about one of the university’s premises, which could include an issue with furnishings, lighting, power, ventilation, or heating are handled  via the system, Dedu. It is also possible to place orders using this system, such as office supplies, furniture, moving help, catering and cleaning. Follow this link to Dedu

Borrow or buy technical equipment

Order IT products here

At the Technical Equipment Loans you can borrow for short term use devices such as computers, voice recorders, cameras and DVD players.

Booking meeting rooms

Depending on location and use, meeting rooms can be booked in Outlook, Kronox or directly on location.

How to book meeting rooms in Outlook

Booking premises for teaching or exams

Contact the central booking service to book classrooms.

For exam timetabling, you can find the procedure and all you need to know here

Booking a conference

Contact the Conference Service for help with anything regarding conferences and large meetings

Booking business trips

Book travel and accommodation through the travel agent XLNT

Reporting injuries or incidents

Report any work-related injuries or incidents that could have resulted in an injury