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Primula will be down from February 7 to March 4


From February 7 until March 4, the self-reporting function in Primula will temporarily be out of service due to the transfer of the University’s payroll administration to the SSC (National Government Service Centre) this March. During this period, you will not be able to report any information in Primula, but you can log in to look.

The transfer is to happen in March, 2019, following a government decision to allocate all payroll administration for government authorities to SCC.

From February 7 until March 4, the self-reporting function in Primula will be out of service in preparation for the move to SSC. During this period, you will not be able to register any information in the self-reporting system. Anticipated cases can be reported up until February 6; any other cases will need to be reported after March 5. You can still log in to look until February 28.

Some cases must still be reported

In order to ensure your salary for February is correct, some cases will still need to be reported even if you cannot make the report yourself. These include:

  • sick leaves longer than seven days, which must be communicated to your payroll administrator by email or telephone. Doctor’s certificates should be sent by email or internal mail; and
  • leaves of absence longer than 14 days, which must be emailed to your manager, along with a copy to your payroll administrator.

It is important that you notify your manager/payroll administrator as soon as you know that you will be taking a leave of absence, or at the start of your sick leave. The information you report to your payroll administrator during this period will not need to be reported again once Primula reopens.

How will the changes in payroll administration affect employees?

The move to SSC will mean that employees will be able to report more information themselves, including reimbursements for costs of health-promoting activities and supplementary payment when on parental leave. If you have any questions about your salary payment, SSC will be the first point of contact rather than the University’s HR Department.

More information about these changes will follow.

Text: Janni Karlsson