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New staff pages to launch soon


Not long now until staff pages will be launched as part of the University’s new website. A lot of things will stay the same, although there will be some significant changes.

Along with a brand-new layout, there will also be a new menu bar which includes a ’toolkit’ with links to frequently used systems.   

The structure will shift from being based on organisational affiliation to one based on themes such as competency development. However, the basic structure will remain the same, which means that the navigation bar will still include ‘Your employment’, ‘For your work’ and ‘Management and organisation’.

The aim of the new staff pages is to help employees quickly an effectively find the information they are looking for, particularly teachers and researchers. Outdated and irrelevant information has been filtered out in collaboration with those responsible for the content and an effort has been made to make sure the same information is not published in more than one place. Content will continue to be developed after the launch.

Other new functions

  • Switch language. You can now switch between Swedish and English my choosing a ’change language' function on the page you are viewing. Many staff members have requested this function.
  • More comprehensive faculty pages. The new faculty pages on the staff web will be more detailed, collecting faculty-specific information for those working at the respective faculties.
  • Service and premises pages. There will be basic information available about available services in the University’s different buildings to make it easier to find what you need, regardless of where on campus you are based.  

The new staff pages will be launched on November 25. Certain functions, such as a new system for handling documents and an improved search function for staff listings, will not be available immediately but will be added as soon as possible.

You can ask questions and find out more about the new University web by joining this Yammer group . You can also find out more about the project online.