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New proposal to be created by faculty deans and university director


ORGANISATIONAL DEVLOPMENT. University Director Susanne Wallmark has, together with faculty deans, been assigned the task of creating a proposal to strengthen closer administrative support at faculties.

The first part of the report will be presented to the University Management Group in mid-December. The task has been assigned to Wallmark by Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham, who made the decision last week based on some of the recommendations put forward by Jörgen Tholin in his review of Joint University Administration and Services (gemensamt verksamhetsstöd).

In Tholin’s report, he states that the “most pressing” issue seems to regard “increased administrative support for institutes and faculties.” This is, he writes, “an issue that was mentioned in all the interviews I conducted, often as the very first point.” Furthermore, he proposes that “everyday administration” should be carried out by administrative staff who are physically located at faculties and institutes.

Tholin also pointed out that the faculties and institutions need to be able to influence the planning of the support provided at the University. It is his belief that a clear model is needed to manage Joint University Administration and Services.

"It is my absolute conviction that administrative support is what needs to be prioritised over the next few years," said Tholin.

According to the dossier for the Vice-Chancellor's decision, an initial discussion on Tholin's report within the University Management Group (including the deans) has also emphasised the need to make this a priority.

The current decision has no set date for when Wallmark and the deans are to come back with a proposal for improving administrative support. However, a partial report will be presented on December 17 in the University Management Group.

"The important thing right now is that we continue working and don’t lose our drive after Tholin’s report. We can’t say when this development work will be done. First, Susanne Wallmark and the deans need to get started with the task at hand, after which they can present a timeframe," said Tham. 

Text: Per M Eriksson