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Malmö University Choir and Orchestra are recruiting new members


Are you one of the future violinists in the Malmö University Orchestra? In the coming weeks, auditions will be held for several ranges and sections in both the choir and the orchestra. Members of staff are encouraged to apply, as most musicians currently are students and alumni.

At the beginning of the semester, Malmö University Choir and Orchestra are recruiting new members. As most current members of the choir and orchestra are students and alumni, musical director Daniel Hansson would especially like to encourage members of staff to apply.

“We’ve always had staff members as part of the ensemble, but I am fairly sure we have more talented musicians working at the University and we would love them to join us.”

To be considered for the orchestra or choir, you should have previous experience from a musical ensemble, as well as pass an audition.

If you would like to find out more and sign up for an audition spot, fill out this form (available in Swedish only) or send an email to daniel.hansson@mau.se.

Both the choir and the orchestra rehearse weekly in the evening at the University, and perform concerts several times a semester.

About Malmö University Choir and Orchestra

Malmo University Choir and Orchestra were founded in 1999 and have become nationally leading ensembles within student based music life at Swedish universities. They perform at ceremonies and annual events at the University, and occupy a place in Malmö’s cultural calendar with their annual concert series. Their work is led by Malmö University’s director musices, Daniel Hansson.

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