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Get help to quit smoking through your employer


STAFF. On July 1, Malmö University will implement a new ban which will mean that all entrances and outdoor seating areas will be smoke-free. As a staff member at Malmö University, you are entitled to support to quit smoking.

The University’s occupation healthcare provider, Previa, offers a programme called ‘Free from Tobacco’ which uses a method focussed on process, motivational conversations and a personally tailored, 24-week plan to help you quit for good. The programme can be done individually or in groups. If you are interested, contact your manager to sign up. 

The new ban

On July 1, all public entrances to Malmö University premises, as well as outdoor seating areas, sports fields, playgrounds, waiting areas and platforms will be smoke-free. The ban also applies to e-cigarettes and hookas.

The aim of the new national ban is to reduce the use of tobacco and take a step towards Sweden’s overall goal of becoming completely smoke-free by 2025. In 2005, smoking was banned in all public indoor environments. This had a substantial effect on the prevalence of smoking among the population and the new prohibition is expected to reduce smoking, and exposure to second hand smoke, even further.

Support for students

Students who would like to quit smoking can also get support, either digitally, or via the Student Health Service.