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Campus plans and rules of procedure on the agenda


UNIVERSITY BOARD. Decisions regarding campus floor plans, adjusted rules of procedure and the review of Joint University Administration and Services are just some of the talking points for this week’s University Board meeting.

There are a total of 21 issues that the University Board will discuss during their full-day meeting on November 6 at the Student Centre. The meeting will start with information from the Chairperson of the Board, Metta Fjelkner, Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham and representatives from the Student Union and the Doctoral Student Union. Tham intends to inform the group about application and admission rates, the establishment of new faculty boards, visits in conjunction with ERA19, and the outcome of the Annual Academic Celebration week.

The Board is set to make decisions with regard to three key issues: floor plans for campus buildings, adjustments to the Rules of Procedure, and student complaints. The campys plans are an assignment that Facility Service is responsible for, in collaboration with Joint University Administration and Services. The goal is to produce “a guideline with regards to future facility needs for the University and its interaction with the surrounding city, until 2040.”

With regard to the Rules of Procedure, the Board will be discussing adjusting an official decision made in September of last year. The stated reason for this adjustment is that “in connection with the implementation of the new Rules of Procedure and a review of the Vice-Chancellors delegation of authority, the need to make minor adjustments to the Rules of Procedure has emerged.”

The third decision deals with the Internal Audit's review of student complaints and subsequent recommendations, the collection of complaints, and the searchability of relevant information on filing and handling complaints on the University website.

In addition, the Board will also be informed of several issues before formal decisions are made at their forthcoming December meeting. These include the University’s budget for 2020, as well as planning for 2021-2022, facility maintenance and revised admission regulations for students.

Furthermore, the Board will also discuss the Internal Audit's review of the prefect role, a competence procurement plan for the internal audit, ongoing quality work including a status report due to the negative appraisal of quality in certain teacher training programmes, as well as the review of Joint University Administration and Services. External reviewer Jörgen Tholin will be present at the meeting and an hour has been allocated for discussion of this latter point.

Text: Per M Eriksson