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Upcoming University Board by-election


UNIVERSITY BOARD. From March 21 to April 2, Malmö University staff can vote for a teacher representative to the University Board.

One of the University Board’s three teacher representatives, Magnus Nilsson, is leaving his post due to a new position as Vice Dean at the Faculty of Culture and Society. A by-election will therefore be held between March 21 and April 2. The election will be carried out digitally and all voters will receive their ballot by email. The mandate period will start on April 9, 2018 and end on April 30, 2020.

Who can vote?

All Malmö University staff members who are employed on at least a 50 per cent basis, are eligible to vote. In the case of elections to university or faculty boards, it is also necessary to be employed for a minimum duration of two years, according to the regulations.

Why should I vote?

The University Board has overarching responsibility for all operations at Malmö University and is the highest decision-making body at the University. The board makes decisions about the overall focus of the University's activities and structure. In addition to chairperson Metta Fjelkner, the University Board consists of the Vice-Chancellor, external representatives, teacher representatives, union representatives and student representatives.

The Nomination Committee has suggested the following candidates:

  • Associate Professor Helena Holmström Olsson
  • Professor Ewa Carin Ekberg
  • Lecturer Lena Andersson

Text: Johanna Svensson