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University-wide staff survey this spring


WORK ENVIRONMENT. The University has procured a staff survey provider and an institute-wide employee survey will be conducted at the end of the spring semester.

After extensive preparatory work, it has been decided that the company Springlife will be the University’s survey service provider. The survey will be conducted at the end of the spring term. Springlife fulfilled the high demands and expectations set by the University for the staff survey. The requirements were that the questions should be scientifically validated and based on relevant research, that the supplier should have solid experience in examining conditions at universities specifically, that it should be possible to compare the results with other universities, and that the survey should focus on the following priority areas: leadership at all levels; “employeeship” (medarbetarskap); the relationship between management and staff; stress/unhealthy workload; gender equality and equal working conditions; and discrimination, harassment and reprisals.

Why do a staff survey?

In 2013, the work climate at Malmö University was assessed for use in the University’s overall strategy and planning. Beyond this, the University has never done an institute-wide survey. The staff survey will be a starting point for systematic work environment improvement. There will be a new survey in two years’ time and, from now on, surveys will be conducted on a regular basis.

Text: Johanna Svensson