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New version of the Malmö University website to be rolled out over the next year


The Malmö University website is being refreshed. A complete new version of the web will be rolled out throughout the year and early 2019. On top of the new appearance, the web will also better meet our users’ needs.

Implementing the latest version of the software we currently use for content management, the plan is to release a first version of the new website by the end of September. This will be an expansion of the pilot website which you can currently find at http://pilot.mau.se. Both versions will run simultaneously, however, as and when a new section of the web is updated, the old section from the old web will be unpublished.

The main content areas, such as education, research and library services, will be built and edited in close collaboration with those responsible for the content, and launched separately throughout the rest of 2018 and early 2019.

Focussing on the visitors’ needs

The aim of the update is to better support the needs of the visitors. It must, for example, be easy to find information about our educational programmes, ongoing research, and contact details for staff. It must also work well on different devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, as well as be accessible to those who use assistive technologies due to impairments.

The target audiences for our external website are primarily students, prospective students and researchers. An initial needs assessment from 2016 shows the most common needs of the different target audiences. The design and content of the new website will be based on these needs.

New search engine and changes in the organisation of web editors

A good search engine is more important than ever, as the majority of visitors now use the search function rather than navigate the website. Accordingly, implementation of a new search engine is an integral part of the project.

In order to have a higher quality content on our website, our organisation will need fewer but more dedicated editors. The project will make a new organisation for administration and editing of the content.

The project and steering groups are meeting with the faculties

The development of the new website is a project led by a steering group, chaired by Andreas Jacobsson, Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Society. The project group from the Communications and IT departments is led by David Hesslefors. Members of the steering and project groups are currently visiting management groups to inform them about the project and discuss how they will collaborate.