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It’s time for the university-wide staff survey


On May 3, you will receive an email from Springlife with a personal link to our first university-wide staff survey. The survey, which you can access until May 24, aims to find out more about the wellbeing and workplace experiences of Malmö University staff.

Answering the employee survey is a way to make an impact on your working environment. In order to develop a work environment with good working conditions for all staff, we need to know more about where we stand today. In future, staff surveys will be carried out on a regular basis.

About the survey

All responses will be anonymous. On May 3, you will receive an email with a unique link that can only be used once and will take you to the web-based survey. The estimated response time is 15-20 minutes.

Responses to the questions will only be compiled at a group level. If there are not enough respondents in a group to guarantee anonymity then the responses will not be compiled. The results of the survey will be used to establish priorities for future improvements.

When taking the survey, it is important that your answers pertain to your formal manager and co-workers who have the same manager as you. If you work at a research centre, you should have your head of department or unit manager in mind when responding. This is because your manager is the person in charge of your work environment. If that person cannot influence your work situation in practice, then this is a problem the University will need to look into.

Your answers are important

Malmö University HR Manager Charlotta Ankarlilja has conducted several employee surveys at previous workplaces. 

“A staff survey will help us to highlight issues and discussions surrounding working environment and help us work strategically and preventively. We hope everyone will take the time to respond to the survey; the higher the response rate, the more useful the results will be,” she said.

The survey’s priority areas are:

  • leadership at different levels;
  • “employeeship” (medarbetarskap) — the relationship between management and staff
  • stress/unhealthy workload; and
  • gender equality and equal working conditions — discrimination, harassment and reprisals.

Feedback on the results

During the final weeks of the spring semester, all managers at the University will receive the results and be informed about how to interpret and analyse them. This autumn, managers will relay the results to their staff, and work together with them to make improvements. Managers also have the task of continuing to systematically set priorities regarding work environment, based on the survey results. 

The staff survey is carried out by the HR department on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor and will form the basis for systematic improvements in work environment.

Text: Johanna Svensson