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Allocation of summer leave


The annual leave for teachers, researchers and doctoral students will be allocated by the payroll administration from June 25 (the Monday following Swedish Midsummer) onwards.

If you want to adjust this, it must be agreed with your manager; for exampleif you want to save part of your leave for later in the year. Your staffing manager must also be notified and make the adjustment in the staffing programme Retendo. Do not register the leave yourself in the self-reporting system Primula. 

If you have already used some of your leave days for this year and registered this in Primula, you will not have to do anything — your remaining leave days will be allocated during summer.

If you are a teacher, researcher or doctoral student and wish to save leave days for another year, this must be reported by no later than April 15 using the ‘Spara semesterdagar’ (Save annual leave) form. This form should be given to your manager. Leave days can only be saved if the staffing plan allows for it.

Technical and administrative staff register their leave themselves in Primula and will not have to fill out the ‘Save annual leave’ form.