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Salary review now complete


The results of salary-setting negotiations have been made available through OFR and Seko. For members of these organisations, as well as those who are not part of a trade union, your new salary will be paid in November. 

This is also the case for members of Saco-S who are not currently in the process of negotiation. If you have any problems logging in, please contact your payroll administrator.

If you have not had a salary dialogue with the head of your department (or equivalent), your manager will be able to notify you of your salary level outcome.

You can see your new salary in Primula from November 15 onwards. Until then, certain parts of the self-reporting system will not be available. To see you salary, log in as usual, go to “My Pages” and choose “Salary Specifications” or “Employment History”.

If you require clarification regarding the grounds for your new salary, your manager will be able to provide this for you.

Changes in salary are based on the employee's performance and achievements, but also depend on how individual salaries compare with those of other employees with similar responsibilities and skills. All employees have the right to be informed about the assessment of their work performance, and of any potential opportunities for development. Individual guarantees are no longer allowed within the collective agreements.

The payment date for new salaries and retroactive pay is November 24, 2017. Please note that this payment is preliminary and may be corrected if errors are detected.

Text: Maya Acharya