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New signs on university buildings


“Malmö högskola” will be removed and “Malmö universitet” mounted as building signs are replaced over the next few weeks.


Vice-chancellor Kerstin Tham with a part of the new sign at Niagara. Photo: Håkan Röjder

The first signs are being replaced on the university’s buildings in preparation for the new name and logo change that comes with becoming a fully accredited university from January 1, 2018. The “Malmö högskola” signs are being taken down and new “Malmö universitet” signs are being installed over the next few weeks. The first building to receive its new sign was Niagara on December 4. The signs at Gäddan will be replaced on December 6, at Klerken (Faculty of Odontology) on December 7, at Nereus on December 8-11 and at Allmänna sjukhuset (Faculty of Health and Society) on December 12.

The installation works at Orkanen will be slightly delayed as the building’s façade requires the signs to be mounted in a particular way, but the old signs will be removed. Both Niagara and Orkanen will get rooftop signs once the construction permits are in place. Another sign outside Niagara, as well as a sign on the Student Union building, are on their way. The window film at Forskaren and Allmänna sjukhuset will be replaced with a new one, although no date has been set for this yet. Indoor signage will also be replaced at a later date.

The old signs will be partly reused and partly recycled, while some will be preserved by the university as a memento.

Text: Janni Karlsson