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New salary criteria in this year’s salary review


The salary criteria for Malmö University employees have been updated. While the changes mainly affect the specific criteria for teaching staff and researchers, the general salary criteria have also been reviewed and clarified.

The new specific criteria for teaching staff and researchers

How employees, on the basis of their assignment:

  • Drive and influence development within the subject field.
  • Actively participate in research and publish research findings. Develop research collaborations for Malmö University and have an impact in the research community both nationally and internationally.
  • Collaborate with other societal agents.
  • Strive for Malmö University to attract external funding within research and education.
  • Contribute to creating research and learning environments and learning situations which are inclusive and promote internationalisation and widening participation.
  • Actively contribute to development work in teaching and learning in higher education, based on current research.
  • Contribute to development by working in various management or administrative positions.

The new salary criteria are to be used in this year’s salary review, starting in autumn. The salary-setting manager is responsible for conducting a dialogue with their employees before the salary review to relate the salary criteria to duties for the roles in the specific workplace.

Salary criteria at Malmö University

Text: Janni Karlsson