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New Swedish name and new logo as Malmö University gains full university status


Malmö University will change its Swedish name as full university status is granted next year, with that comes a new logo and domain name. This will affect our printed material, websites and email addresses, among many other things.

On January 1, 2018, Malmö University will be granted full university status. This will mean more research funding and the opportunity to decide on the establishment of postgraduate programmes and research training without the need for external involvement. The name in Swedish will change from ‘Malmö högskola’ to ‘Malmö universitet’, while the name in English will remain the same.

All information on the 2018 university status change

New Swedish and English logo

english logoBecause of the name change, the logo from 1998 has been updated. The core of the current logo for Malmö University will remain, but the letter ‘M’ will no longer be enclosed in a circle. The new logo will be available in both a Swedish and an English version, meaning that the current English logo will no longer be used after January 1, even though the name is not changing.

The rest of the graphic profile, including fonts, colours, graphic elements and image style, has been reviewed, and the new look will be first seen in the student recruitment campaign.

Printed material with the old logo will be replaced

The change of logo means that business cards, stationery and access cards among many other things will have to be replaced. Brochures and flyers will be phased out and all new material will carry the new logo.

Email and web addresses will change

The domain mah.se will be replaced by mau.se, which affects our websites and email addresses. The new domain name will be activated for emails on October 20, meaning that you can receive emails to both your mah.se and mau.se address. Starting in February, your outgoing emails will be sent from the new address, and all incoming emails to the old address will be redirected to you.

A new website at mau.se will gradually replace mah.se over the next year, and mah.se will be shut down in 2019.

Follow this link to learn more about these changes, and what you will be expected to do yourself

Post any questions about the new logo or the changes to full university status on Yammer

Text: Janni Karlsson