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Faculty department changes name – former name considered anonymous


NAME CHANGE. Individual and Society (IS) becomes Society, Culture and Identity (SCI). At the turn of the year, a name change of an institution at the Faculty of Learning and Society will take place.

– Our former name didn’t clearly highlight our fields of research. Our new name better reflects and explains the society-relevant education, research and collaboration conducted at the institution, says Thomas Småberg, department prefect.

The name change will occur in line with requests of the institution’s employees. One of the underlying reasons behind the name change is a consensual argument from the employees that the current name is vague and always requires an explanation. Another reason has been that the name is consistently difficult to translate into English.

– Department of Society, Culture and Identity (SCI) is a name the better explains and represents our focus and the different subject areas found in both teaching and research at our institution, says Thomas Småberg.

The proposal also received unanimous support when presented at a staff conference at the institution.

The new name says more about the institution's target areas. Not only education in the areas of history, religion and social sciences are offered as well as academic and occupational studies, the institution also conducts extensive research in areas such as identities and culture.

– In addition, we interact extensively with the surrounding community and with different external, cultural institutions, says Thomas Småberg.

The Vice-Chancellor has made the formal decision, and the new name of the institution will take effect January 1, 2018.