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Call for applications for development funding for teachers


CALL. Half a million Swedish Kronor per teacher. 
A call has now been issued for applications for development funding that will enable up to ten teachers who are recent PhD graduates to develop their research careers next year.
“This is further investment in research as a step along the way to our becoming a university, a step which is in line with our future common strategy,” says Kerstin Tham, Vice-Chancellor of the higher education institution. 

In conjunction with becoming a university, Malmö University will reinforce the research, third-cycle programmes and research basis of the programmes at the University. As one of several stages in this process the Vice-Chancellor, Kerstin Tham, has during the course of a few weeks made the decision to both issue a call and show support for multidisciplinary research programmes in the form of development funding to increase knowledge and research on challenge-based learning.

This most recent call, which was announced this week, applies to teachers who are relatively recent PhD graduates (i.e. who have taken their PhD during 2013 or later) and are employed until further notice at the University, and these now have the opportunity to apply for funding to be given time to develop their research careers next year.
“The idea is that this funding will help give the teachers time to further develop their own research and academic careers,” says Kerstin Tham.

The final date for applications for the current call is 1 December. By then, teachers who are interested should have submitted their applications together with a research plan (written in English), and the content should include:

  • background, purpose, questions and significance for the research domain,
  • an implementation plan,
  • social relevance and significance for social development,
  • the dissemination of knowledge and cooperation with actors outside the research community,
  • gender equality integration and ethical considerations.

A group of experienced assessors, who are to be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, will then examine the applications on the basis of a number of different criteria such as the quality of the research work in question, the scholarly quality and practicability of the plan, and the applicant’s competence in relation to the task.
The group will then submit the applications in order of priority to the Vice-Chancellor – who will in turn make the decision at the start of next year, having taken into consideration the gender equality aspect and the distribution of the applications between the various disciplinary research domains.

Both the management team and the Research Advisory Committee at the University have been involved in the preparation for the current call.
“It is important that research development is properly incorporated in the organisation so that we all pull together to achieve our strategy goals over the coming years.
“The close-knit academic environments we want to create mean that we need clearly defined paths and opportunities for those colleagues who have a keen interest in the further development of their research and the research basis of the programme in their research domain,” says Kerstin Tham. 

Footnote: Teachers who took their PhD before 2013 may also “be taken into consideration if there are special grounds, such as sick leave, parental leave or similar circumstances”.

Text: Department of Communications