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Apply for funding for staff exchanges


You can now apply for funding for Erasmus+ staff exchanges planned for this autumn. This is an excellent opportunity to teach, travel and build connections with one of our partner universities.

As a teacher or doctoral student at Malmö University you can apply for a grant to teach at a partner university in Europe that participates in the Erasmus+ programme. The exchange could be for a period of between two days and two months. You arrange the exchange yourself, but the international coordinator at your faculty or department can help you with the initial contact.

There are also opportunities for non-academic staff to apply for a grant to develop their professional skills. This could be through a study visit, shadowing at another institution, or by participating in a staff training week.

“I’m proud that Malmö University offers funding for international exchanges for both teaching and non-academic staff,” said Maria English, the International Office’s contact for questions related to staff exchange.

You can also apply for a grant covering travel expenses to other universities in order to build new relationships or increase existing cooperation.

Talk to your supervisor if you are interested in an exchange, preferably during your appraisal. Apply for funding from International Office before booking your trip.

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