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The XVIII IOSTE Symposium

IOSTE - International Organization for Science and Technology Education

The International Organization for Science and Technology Education was established to advance the cause of education in science and technology as a vital part of the general education of the peoples of all countries and to provide scholarly exchange and discussion in the field of science and technology education. Consistent with our mission to encourage the peaceful and ethical use of science and technology in the service of humankind, IOSTE opposes the use of science and technology by government or other organizations for military purposes against civilians.


XVIII IOSTE Symposium: 
Future educational challenges from science and technology perspectives

August 13-17, 2018 Malmö University, Sweden

The theme of the conference, Future educational challenges from science and technology perspectives, underlines aspects of great relevance for contemporary science education research: the need to reflect on different perspectives, stress the relationship between science, technology and society, emphasize the cultural and human values, the role of knowledge, learning processes and context, formal or non-formal. Highlighting these themes means to promote contact and dialogue across political and ideological borders to recognize sustainability, cultural diversity and international understanding.

Key note speakers

​Dr. Radhika Gorur Deakin University, Melbourne
​Dr. Ralph Levinson ​University of London
Kathryn L Kirchgasler University of Kansas, USA
Dr. Steve Alsop York Univerity, Canada


Future educational challenges from science & technology perspectives, concerning:

  • Strand 1 Student understanding and learning in STE 
  • Strand 2 Teaching science and technology in different contexts 
  • Strand 3 Teacher training and professional development in STE
  • Strand 4 Education  for societal challenges in STE
  • Strand 5 Cultural perspectives on STE
  • Strand 6 Partnership with external actors in STE
  • Strand 7 Informal education of science and technology
  • Strand 8 Epistemology and history of science in STE


Important information and links

Conference website

Call for papers​

Submission 1 December 2017 - 13 February 2018

Conference fee
Regular 320 € Student 270 €
Early Bird Regular 250 € ​Early Bird Student 220 €
End of Early Bird 7 May 2018 

Registration and payment 

Dates and deadlines

13 February 2018: Deadline for submissions
1 April: Notification of acceptances
7 May: End of early bird rate
7 June: Deadline for presenters to register
1 August: Payment should be received and registered by Malmö University

Information about accomodation

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