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University symposium on social innovation research 25-26 November 2019

Tid: 2019-11-25 12:00 -- 2019-11-26 12:00
Plats: To be confirmed, in central Malmö.
Målgrupp: Researchers

Many diverse researchers at Malmö University have an interest in making positive societal change. Vice-Chancellor Professor Kerstin Tham initiates a symposium designed to bring together a variety of researchers and disciplines to think about our commonalities and approaches.

The symposium is part of the Vice-Chancellor’s initiative aimed at strengthening the research capacity of our university in the area of social innovation. Professor Ann Light and Visiting Professor Lars Hulgård (from 1 Nov 2019) will lead the symposium.  Read more about them here:

Lars Hulgård, MSc (Sociology) & PhD Roskilde University

Ann Light, ProfessorDesigning a sustainable future

We will use the lens of social innovation to ask what we care about and how that can have most impact as researchers. We will explore this lens to consider how research communities at Malmö University might adopt its lessons in research and interventions.

There will be time to talk, eat and mingle, and we invite you to give a presentation from your perspective. In our contemplation of this topic, we will be considering that too often ‘innovation’ and ‘social innovation’ are restricted to concern for entrepreneurial processes in technological and commercial activities. We are taking a different tack by looking at how beneficial change enters the world and becomes accepted.

There are a number of tensions in social innovation research. One concerns the weak tradition focusing on the result or utility function of a particular social innovation when contrasted with the strong tradition of emphasizing inclusive and participatory processes. Another concerns the empirical tradition of attempting to install warm values in the market model, including caring capitalism and social entrepreneurship, vs a more theoretically-informed approach, looking at the role of social movements and processes of cultural change. We welcome consideration of all these aspects and across disciplines, with some time to reflect on the nature of the field and what needs to be addressed as we enter a new decade. 


When? 12.00 25th November 2019 to 12.00 26th November 2019, including an invitation to supper with other attendees.

Where? Tbc, in central Malmö.

Numbers: Up to 20 participants.

Are you interested in taking part? At this early stage, please write a few lines about how your research interests attaches to social innovation as described above. Please send your notice of interest to rektor@mau.se on 15 of October the latest. Your participation will be confirmed within a week after that date

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