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Internationalisation in the classroom

Tid: 2018-12-07 13:15 -- 2018-12-07 15:30
Plats: C 527 in the library, Orkanen
Målgrupp: For all interested

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (AKL) will invite all staff at Mau to share experiences and strengthen their network through seminars on internationalisation.

  • 7/12 Internationalisation and digitalisation

Previous seminars

  • 6/4  A chain from Hong Kong to the individual student: examples of collaborations with Hong Kong Elisabet Carlsson (HS) Christel Brost (KS/AKL)
  • 1/6  Internationalisation at home, Mats Jonsson  (LS)
  • 5/10 What happens in the classroom when we change the language? Hedda Söderlundh (Södertörns högskola)

Read more and sign up at https://www.mah.se/akl

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