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Annual RUCARR Conference

Tid: 2018-11-08 09:00 -- 2018-11-09 16:00
Plats: Malmö universitet
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Welcome to the third Annual RUCARR Conference

This year’s RUCARR conference focuses on the ever-present and global struggle between ideas of democracy and authoritarianism, and how this battle unfolds in the RUCARR area. It deals with all levels of political and social contestation, from the global arena to local and everyday activities.

Keynote speakers are Professor Madina Tlostanova, Linköping University (Sweden) and Professor Ghia Nodia, Director of the International School for Political Science at Ilia State University, Tbilisi.

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The research platform Russia and the Caucasus Regional Research (RUCARR) is an intellectual hub for scholars at the Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University. Established as late as in 2016, RUCARR builds on an established and well-recognized area studies tradition at the University which connects with an extensive research networks nationally and internationally. As the name of the platform, suggests, Russia and the Caucasus are the geographical areas of primary concern. RUCARR’s research focus is on political, social, cultural, economic and other dynamics and processes of significance within its geographical delimitations. Areas of interest include, but are not restricted to, contemporary politics, history and nationalism, ethnic and national identity, security issues, democracy and civil society development, authoritarianism and post-authoritarian transition and transformations.

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