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The oak and the willow against the wind

Tid: 2018-11-14 15:00 -- 2018-11-14 16:30
Plats: Malmö universitet: Niagara, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1: C0826
Målgrupp: Öppen för intresserade men föranmälning krävs.

– Gendering resilience – a critical feminist perspective of organizational resilience.

CTA:s seminarieserie behandlar olika aspekter av tillämpad arbetslivsforskning och utvärdering. Seminarieret är kostnadsfritt och öppet för alla men föranmälan krävs. Anmäl dig genom att skicka ett mail till Ewa-Marie Siwerson.

Organizations and institutions are having to respond quickly to technological, political and social changes, factors that require resilience to adapt and transform to rapidly shifting conditions. Current definitions of resilience often associate resilience with characteristics such as strength, active decision making and heroic expressions of leadership that entail individual acts of heroism in line with a certain type of masculinity. This seminar will present a gendering resilience model. The model uses the feminist perspective as an analytical lens to make gender visible in organizations, to encourage equity and allow space for diverse voices. The purpose of the gendering resilience model is to challenge current and dominant conceptualizations of organizational resilience and to encourage inclusivity through systemic analysis of gendered structures, gendered actions and gendered language.

Hope Witmer, PhD in Applied Management with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Change, Assistant professor in Leadership and organization, at the Department of Urban Studies Malmö University, Sweden. She is primary lecturer and director of the Leadership for Sustainability Master's program and a researcher at the center for worklife evaluation studies (CTA, Malmö University). Her research areas include leadership and organization from a resilience, sustainability and gender perspective. 

Hope Witmer PhD, Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Organization, Department of Urban Studies
Researcher, Center for Work Life and Evaluation Studies (CTA)

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