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Docentföreläsning: European climate policy-making: Is there room for gender?

Tid: 2018-06-18 15:00 -- 2018-06-18 15:45
Plats: Room: NI:A0411, Niagara
Målgrupp: All interested

Lecture is held by Associate Professor Gunnhildur Lily Magnusdottir

Gunnhildur Lily Magnusdottir



Climate change is one of the main societal challenges of the 21st century and climate objectives, agreed upon globally, regionally and nationally, demand substantial transitions across many sectors and broad societal engagement. There is however a prevalent focus on technical innovations and economic measures in European climate strategies, resulting in limited recognition of climate relevant social factors such as gender, despite the fact that there are documented gender differences in western societies in relations to behavior patterns, exposure to climate change and climate attitudes.

Climate strategies produced by the European Union and environmentally and gender- progressive states, such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway have e.g. had limited gender-recognition despite their commitments to gender mainstreaming. Further gender recognition in climate policies is an important step towards making responses to climate change sensitive to diversities in societal conditions, and thereby more accurate and democratically legitimate.  It is therefore of utter most importance to ask; whose voices are represented in European climate policy-making, what knowledge and norms are included/excluded in the policy-making process and how can policy-makers develop gender-sensitive climate strategies?

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