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Public lecture: "Citizenship and immigrant integration: reward or incentive?"

Tid: 2017-11-23 12:30 -- 2017-11-23 14:00
Plats: Slottet, 2nd floor, Malmö City Library, Malmö
Målgrupp: Everyone

Welcome to a Public Lecture by Maarten Vink, Guest Professor in Memory of Willy Brandt at MIM, Malmö University in 2017-2018, and Professor of Political Science at Maastricht University.


Abstract: Can citizenship provide a boost to immigrant integration and, if so, how? In this lecture I discuss the controversial and complex relation between the naturalization of immigrants and their integration within the host society. This relationship is ideologically controversial because some politicians view citizenship as a reward for being a well-integrated immigrant, whereas others see the promise of full membership of the new country of residence and the entitlement to all the rights attached to it as a major incentive for the process of integration. It is also scientifically complex to investigate this question because it is often unclear whether citizenship leads to better integration of immigrants or, vice versa, whether immigrants who are already better integrated are just more likely to naturalize. I discuss key concepts and theories, some comparative facts about citizenship policies in Europe, and findings from ongoing research.

The Public Lecture is organized in collaboration with Europe Direct Malmö and will be held in English.

Registration via www.facebook.com/events/1542580665839593/ includes a sandwich and coffee.

For more information on upcoming seminars at MIM visit The Migration Seminar on the MIM website.  


Nahikari Irastorza, PhD
Willy Brandt Research Fellow
MIM, Malmö University.

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