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Lecture by Honorary Doctorate at the Faculty of Odontology 2018

Tid: 2018-10-17 13:15 -- 2018-10-17 14:00
Plats: Auditorium, Faculty of Odontology
Målgrupp: All interested

The Faculty of Odontology’s most recent Honorary Doctor, Ambra Michelotti, professor in Naples, Italy, will deliver a lecture on October 17.

Professor Michelotti has had successful collaborations in research and education with several colleagues in Malmö. She is one of the initiators of an annual postgraduate course for dentists in Malmö, Naples (Italy) and Nijmegen (Netherlands) in orofacial pain and jaw function. Her expertise and collaboration has resulted in a successful contribution to specialist education and development of research at the Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University.

The title of Professor Michelotti’s lecture is "International collaboration – Benefits for education, research and patient care".


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