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Lecture with honorary doctor Hampus Jakobsson

Tid: 2018-10-17 15:15 -- 2018-10-17 16:45
Plats: Niagara, Hall C, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö
Målgrupp: All are welcome

The dichotomy of ethics and technology - innovation, sustainability, jobs, and how to not destroy humanity

- what are the biggest risks of humanity and how can technology reduce that?
- how does one spend one’s time doing good without sacrificing a good life?
- how do we avoid progress and greed winning over ethical work and thinking?

These are questions that Hampus Jakobsson will address in his open honorary doctor's lecture. The lecture is held in conjunction with his becoming honorary doctor at the Faculty of Technology and Society during the Malmö University’s annual celebration on October 19. 

Hampus Jakobsson is one of the biggest names on the Swedish start-up scene. He has invested in over eighty companies and runs the start-up incubators Malmö Startups and The Ground in Malmö. Hampus Jakobsson's honorary title is motivated by the societal benefit of his extensive entrepreneurship in Malmö and his keen support of education and research at the Faculty of Technology and Society.

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