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GPS day

Tid: 2017-10-13 13:00 -- 2017-10-13 16:30
Plats: Niagara Building, entrance floor, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1
Målgrupp: All

Welcome to our GPS day.

Students, staff and the general public are all welcome this day in the sign of international politics. On this day we will be able to listen to several panel discussions about current political themes. We will also have the opportunity to listen to students sharing their experiences from internships and exchange studies, teachers' Q&A, and a Pub Quiz!


13.20-14.05 Panel sessions 1 and 2
Session 1: Trump, Brexit and a New World Order: The end of Kantian Liberalism, NI:B0E15
Session 2: Borders, Boundaries and International Migration, NI:C0E11

14.10-14.40 Student exchange/internship and coffee break
Meet students with exchange and internship experience in the atrium. Refreshments will also be served in the atrium during this time. 

14.45-15.30 Panel sessions 3 and 4 
Session 3: With God on our side! Religious Rhetoric and Nationalism in the 21st Century Politics, NI:B0E15
Session 4: Reinvigorating Democracy, NI:C0E11

15.45-16.30 Final panel session
Session 5: "Great things happen when the world agrees". The standardisation of the world - Global regimes of management, NI:C0E11

16.40-19.00 Teacher's Q&A and quiz
Teachers at GPS will answer questions from students, followed by a quiz hosted by the UF. Niagara Café, floor 2

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