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GPS Seminar: Kristian Steiner & Anders Lundberg

Tid: 2018-11-28 13:15 -- 2018-11-28 15:00
Plats: GPS Lounge, Niagara 9th floor, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1
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Conflict, Theology, and Identity: A Study of the Israeli Messianic and the Palestinian Evangelical Movements

With Kristian Steiner

(Associate professor, MAU) and Anders Lundberg (Senior lecturer, Linnaeus University)

And Anders Lundberg

(Senior lecturer, Linnaeus University)

Steiner and Lundberg will present their ongoing research on the Israeli Messianic and the Palestinian Evangelical movements. In this research, the aim is to provide an enhanced understanding of two Jesus/Yeshua-believing movements in Israel and Palestine – the Israeli Messianic (usually ‘Jewish’ Messianic) and the Palestinian Evangelical movements. They are both inherently evangelical in theology, but separated by nation, language, culture, and borders. Steiner and Lundberg aim to investigate the inter-relationship between the two movements, their relationships to other parts of society, and to show the ways in which both identity and theology are forged against the backdrop of the particular Middle Eastern context.

How people view the conflicts in the Middle East is highly divisive and a key concern for ecclesiastic relations. On one hand, evangelicals around the world have a propensity to support a Zionist ideology, and messianic Jews in Israel (usually endorsing the same ideology) have become an important and natural ally. On the other hand, liberal European and American churches tend to be sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian Christians.

This study provides a new prism: Instead of seeing the conflict from the dominant perspective, we allow the reader to see it from the perspective of two small and marginalized minorities.

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