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GPS Seminar: Bi Puranen

Tid: 2018-10-31 13:15 -- 2018-10-31 15:00
Plats: GPS Lounge, Niagara 9th floor, Nordenskiöldsgata1
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Changing norms and values among migrants in Sweden in a comparative perspective

With Bi Puranen

(Associate Professor, Institute for Future studies, Secretary General, World Values Survey)

Moderator: Sayaka Osanami Törngren (PhD, Researcher, GPS/MIM)

The World Values Survey (WVS), which since 2012 has its secretariat at the Institute for Future Studies in Stockholm, has since 1981 conducted regular measurements of values and social norms in hundreds of countries. It provides opportunities for both comparisons between different countries and changes over time in each individual country. The WVS survey is used both internationally and nationally, and by the research community as well as the authorities, within the education system and the civil society.

The ongoing measurement (round 7) is performed around the world in 2016-2019. The questionnaire consists of 290 questions that measure cultural values, attitudes and beliefs against gender, family and religion, attitudes and experiences of poverty, education, health and safety, social tolerance and trust, attitudes towards multilateral institutions, cultural differences and similarities between regions and communities. Included in Round 7 are also new topics like issues of justice, moral principles, corruption, accountability and risks, migration, national security and global governance, plus a module on gender and SRHR. A migrant WVS is now under way in Sweden with the goal of ensuring better and more representative responses from the major migrant groups from non-European countries.

The purpose is to examine how norms and values differ between subgroups of newly arrived immigrants, how these change over time in Sweden and how they differ from the majority population through an anonymous survey "Immigrants' Index" of approximately 5000 people who study Swedish For Immigrants (SFI) across Sweden. The newly arrived migrants will be compared with a representative sample (N = 1200) from the Swedish majority population on trends in values. The sub groups will also be compared with the WVS surveys conducted in some of the country of origin of the respondents.

More information at www.worldvaluessurvey.org and www.iffs.se

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