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Fast track courses for refugee teachers - curriculum issues identified

Tid: 2018-02-15 14:15 -- 2018-02-15 16:00
Plats: MIM Room C0929/Library, 9th floor, Niagara
Målgrupp: All interested

Welcome to the MIM Migration Seminar.

Picture of Maaike Haijer, female with short gray hair, jacket and scarves.

Maaike Haijer is a professor at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands.

Against the background of a shortage of teachers in schools, the Swedish government assigned Malmö University and other universities to arrange fast track courses to guide refugee teachers on their way into the labour market. During 2016-2017 two groups of teachers followed a 26 weeks course on Swedish education (in Arabic mainly), Swedish language skills and workplace orientation.

This explorative study focused on the participants’ reflections and understanding of the role of teachers in Swedish schools in realising the pedagogy aimed for in the Swedish national primary and secondary school curriculum, specifically the  interaction patterns and student participation in learning processes.  The purpose of the study was to formulate feedback for teacher trainers and recommendations for further course development.

We will show findings and discuss choices in curriculum design for fast track courses more in general a.o. concerning the position of professional language proficiency. Having a background in linguistics and language pedagogy ourselves, we would like to discuss how our study could be related to broader migration and refugee research.

The Migration Seminars Spring 2018

The seminars are held in English and take place (if nothing else is mentioned) Thursdays at 14.15-16.00 at MIM Room C0929/Library, 9th floor, Niagara, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö University. Gathering for the seminar at sharp 14.05 at the ground floor next to the Reception in Niagara. 

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