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Afternoon Tea at the Student Centre

Tid: 2018-10-09 15:00 -- 2018-10-09 17:00
Plats: The Student Centre
Målgrupp: Students

Afternoon tea illustration

Welcome to Student Centre and let yourself be inspired by many of the useful activities offered during your studies at Malmö University. We will serve you tea, coffee and some nibbles. Come alone or bring a friend.

Activities during the afternoon:

  • ”Kickstart your creativity and try on brainstorming” (Storm)
  • ”Build the most solid cardhouse and finish a puzzle in the shortest time” (Drivhuset)
  • ”Photo-booth – Create happy memories!” (Näktergalen)
  • ”Demonstration of assistive software for students with disabilities” (Disability Service)
  • ”University friend - be a mentor for new academics” (New academics - NYAK)
  • ”LinkedIn – Mini workshop” (Career service)
  • ”CV – Drop-in and feedback” (Career service)
  • “Go International board” (International Office)
  • “Mini-Writing Centre“ (The Writing Centre)
  • “Test yourself” (Student health service)
  • “Test your lifestyle“ (Student health service)
  • “Magnetic Poetry”  (University Chaplains)
  • ”Mingle with the union” (Student Union)
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