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Wireless electronics powered by nanostructured, flexible, and transparent biofuel cells

Contact person: Sergey Shleev
Responsible: Sergey Shleev
Co-workers: Zoltan Blum and Elena Gonzalez
Partner: 13 industrial and university EU partners in total
Funding: European Commission and Malmö University
Timeframe: 2013-10-01 -- 2018-04-01
Research profile: Biologiska gränsytor
Forskningscentrum: Biofilms - Research Center for Biointerfaces
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Health and Society, The Department of Biomedical Science
Subject: Naturvetenskap

The topic of the research project is to fabricate and study nanostructured biofuel cells, mostly flexible and transparent biodevices. Nanostructured electrodes will be produced and characterised at Mah and at the Department of Physics, Lund University. On a molecular level, the work will be focused on fundamental studies of multicenter redox enzymes, e.g. multicopper oxidases, cellobiose dehydrogenase, and nanostructured materials. Modelling studies of the performance of nanostructured biomodified and unmodified electrodes will be also carried out. The ultimate goal of the project is to design stable and efficient, flexible and transparent biofuel cells for powering wireless electronic devices.

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