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Understanding differences in gender justice debates across Denmark and Sweden through the prism of #metoo

Contact person: Tina Askanius
Responsible: Tina Askanius
Co-workers: Jannie Møller Hartley and Nicklas Bunck Sørensen Andersen (forskningsassistent)
Partner: Jannie Møller Hartley, Roskilde Universitet, Denmark
Funding: Roskilde Universitet
Timeframe: 2018-05-01 -- 2019-06-01
Forskningsplattform: [Missing text /mah/research/platforms/rd for en]
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Culture and Society, Arts and Communication

Through the prism of the #metoo movement, this study examines how different political cultures create different opportunity structures for collective action against gender inequality and injustices. This comparative case study of the media coverage of and public debate around #metoo in Denmark and Sweden finds markedly different ways of addressing issues of gender justice and rape culture in the two countries.

We are driven by an imperative to understand why this is. How and why did #metoo resonate so differently in two neighboring countries, which are both considered among the most gender equal societies in the world? And what is the role of (news) media in both mirroring and cementing these differences in the public debate? What are the historical explanations and what lessons and voices from the past may help us contextualise contemporary differences and divides on these matters? What does the presence or erasure of feminism and feminist critique, in the coverage of #metoo tell us about the state and status of gender struggles in and across the two countries today?

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