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The collaborative cross-media project

Contact person: Bo Reimer
Responsible: Bo Reimer
Co-workers: Erling Björgvinsson, Per-Anders Hillgren and Richard Topgaard
Partner: The Astonishing Tribe, Good World, Inkonst, Rörelsen Gatans Röst och Ansikte, Media Mötesplats Malmö
Funding: KK-stiftelsen
Timeframe: 2008-09-01 -- 2010-08-31
Research profile: Nya medier
Faculty/Department: Arts and Communication, Faculty of Culture and Society
Subject: Humaniora och religionsvetenskap

The Collaborative Cross-Media project intends to make an intervention in development of new creative practices relating to the convergence between traditional and new media forms in a combined theoretical and practical effort. The objective is to make possible new, collaborative ways of both producing and consuming media, and this in different genres and formats.

More concretely, this means
a) experimenting with new media formats and narrative structures, primarily in relation to cross-media
b) creating prototypes for new media production tools for collaborative media productions
c) developing new, collaborative ways of producing media

The experiments are conducted around two case studies
a) Cross-Media Cultural Production for an Arts and performance center in the form of Inkonst TV
b) Mobile Street Journalism for Teenagers together

Part of the project results are explored in chapter 11 of MIT Press book Making Futures (2014).

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