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Strategic Ecosystem-Driven R&D Management

Kontaktperson: Helena Holmström Olsson
Ansvarig: Helena Holmström Olsson
Samarbetspartner: Chalmers, AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, Axis Communications, Jeppesen, Grundfos, Ericsson
Finansiär: Finansierat av samtliga deltagande företag samt universitet i Software Center
Tidsram: 2014-06-30 -- 2019-12-31
Fakultet/institution: Fakulteten för teknik och samhälle, Institutionen för datavetenskap och medieteknik
Hemsida: http://www.software-center.se/


Today, companies operate in business ecosystems where they collaborate, compete, share and learn from others with benefits such as to present more attractive offerings and sharing innovation costs etc. With ecosystems being the new way of operating, the ability to strategically reposition oneself to increase or shift power balance is becoming key for competitive advantage.

However, with digitalization disrupting industry after industry and software becoming the key differentiator in new products and services, the business landscape is dramatically changing. For example, with the digital transformation (software, data and AI) affecting industry, many companies are experiencing a situation where what used to be their primary value proposition takes a secondary role and new value propositions, driven by data, become more important. This has significant implications from an ecosystem perspective and to effectively engage with external partners and to maximize the benefits of inter-organizational relationships is rapidly becoming key capabilities for competitive advantage. Therefore, there is the need for companies to rethink, to reinvent and to re-position themselves in their ecosystem.

In this project, we focus our research on strategies for how to engage with ecosystem partners, strategies for how to avoid disruption and mechanisms for how to continuously assess the value that is exchanged between ecosystem partners.

The overall goal of this project is to help companies move from ad-hoc interactions with external stakeholders, towards strategic positioning and re-positioning in their ecosystems. We provide a holistic understanding for the way in which companies engage in partnerships and we seek to provide methods, processes and techniques that help companies maximize the value provided by ecosystem partners and reduce risks of being disrupted. In addition, with our interest in empowerment we seek to encourage alternative ways of organizing in order to help companies maximize the capacity and competence inherent in their own organization and help teams align and optimize towards an agreed upon goal.

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