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Special Education for Teacher Educators (SET)

Kontaktperson: Mona Holmqvist
Ansvarig: Mona Holmqvist
Samarbetspartner: Jonas Aspelin, Sven Bölte, Peter Karlsudd
Finansiär: VR
Tidsram: 2018-01-01 -- 2022-12-31
Fakultet/institution: Fakulteten för lärande och samhälle, Skolutveckling och ledarskap

Forskarskola för lärarutbildare i specialpedagogik. Totalt 9 finansierade genom projektet, samt ytterligare 3, dvs totalt 12 doktorander, Syftet är att bidra med forskningsanknytning av moment om specialpedagogik i lärarprogrammen.

Description in English

The postgraduate school has two goals. Firstly, it aims to develop skills and contribute with knowledge about three of the four educational tracks in Swedish special education teacher training along with the new focus on NDD. The track Deafness and hearing loss, will be introduced in the course, Didactics of language-, writingand reading, as hearing impairment can be one of several reasons for language problems; it will be possible to study this field as an optional course. The doctoral students can choose their study object within a wide range of special educational challenges. Secondly, we intend to study how professional development can be developed so that it can give and gather feedback in special didactics during the program using various professional development models for teachers such as improvement science (Lewis, 2015), teaching research groups (Yang, 2009), and learning and lesson studies (Pang & Ling, 2012). By that, we strive to enhance the teacher educators’ readiness to educate teachers who are required to supervise and guide colleagues with the aim of improving the teaching and learning for students in SEN. In their role to teach students, we strive to foster a generic competence to regard the relationship between teachers and students as a powerful tool to create inclusive learning environments which take into consideration the students’ perspectives.

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