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Shifting conceptualizations of property in Sweden

Contact person: Peter Parker
Responsible: Peter Parker
Co-workers: Peter Gottshalk, Hoai Anh Tran, Roger Westin and Karin Grundström
Funding: Malmö universitet, Institutionen för urbana studier
Timeframe: 2017-02-01 -- 2020-08-31
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Culture and Society, Urban studies

In the research platform Shifting conceptions of property in Sweden we will explore how different conceptions of property underpin legal debates, planning negotiations, and practices in daily life. We also explore how these shifts conceptions shift and underpin a re-shaping of the urban environment. The research is inherently multidisciplinary.

The concept of property is arguably central to urban studies (Blomley 2005). The way property is conceptualized has implications for how urban spaces are accessed, used and managed. Concepts of property connect and divide different constituents in urban development and provide a recurring point of contention in negotiations on urban development. For instance, a vocal lobby in Sweden has proposed that planning and building codes be 'simplified' in order to meet the pressing need for new housing. While simplification seems inherently good, this particular claim can also be understood as a clearing away of regulation and the assertion of rights of owners in development as opposed to other specific and collective interests. Simplification is in this case means a shift of power relationships between different parties in urban development, a power relationship that is embedded within a particular understanding of property. Similarly, calls for deregulating the rental market assert the rights of owners in relation to collective interests that rental regulations were intended to protect. These examples may illustrate something of the significance of the concept of property for urban development and may also serve to highlight how issues of property are complex and shifting.

Proposal for the research platform

Work streams

Work in the research platform is presently conducted in the following themes:

  • Conceptions of property underpinning the Swedish planning and building act
  • Shifting conceptions of property in urban planning
  • Urban gating
  • BIDs in Sweden

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Our first publications are expected in 2018, please see links to individual researchers for related earlier works

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