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Postgraduate studies: Comparing South Africa and Sweden

Contact person: Mona Holmqvist
Responsible: Aimee Haley and Göteborgs universitet
Partner: Karmen Johansson, Göteborgs universitet, Fatima Peters, University of Venda, South Africa, Maitumeleng Nthontho, University of Pretoria, South Africa,,
Funding: SASUF
Timeframe: 2018-11-01 -- 2020-01-31
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Education and Society, School Development and Leadership

Syftet med detta samarbete är att utveckla ett nätverk av forskare i utbildningsvetenskap vid två svenska universitet (Göteborgs universitet och Malmö universitet) och två sydafrikanska universitet (University of Pretoria and University of Venda). Avsikten är att utveckla ett hållbart och likvärdigt internationellt samarbete samtidigt som man undersöker institutionell praxis och policyer för handledning i forskarstudier vid svenska och sydafrikanska universitet.

Beskrivning på svenska

The initial aims are,

1) Compare and contrast national and institutional policies of postgraduate studies in South Africa and Sweden and conduct a literature review of international research on the topic.

2) Discuss and prepare a proposal for a joint research project exploring how postgraduate studies are organized and how students and supervisors in South Africa and Sweden experience such programs.

3) Prepare and present seminars and recorded interviews for postgraduate students’ topics including postgraduate curriculum, cross-cultural communication and international networks.

4) Submit a joint research project application to ensure the continuation of the network.

This project relates to Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals, which commits member states to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning and opportunities for all (United Nations, 2015). Inclusivity and equality are further emphasized in Goal 10 that “we cannot achieve sustainable development if we exclude any part of the world’s population”. In-line with these two goals, Goal 17 affirms “integrated partnerships at all levels”. It is with this mandate in mind that universities in these two countries embark into research partnerships with the aim to reduce the inequalities that exist between countries, institutions and communities of practice.

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