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Carbohydrate polymer - water interactions: sorption, porosity and rheology

Contact person: Vitaly Kocherbitov
Responsible: Vitaly Kocherbitov
Partner: EKA chemicals AB, Magle AB
Funding: KK-stiftelsen
Timeframe: 2012-04-01 -- 2015-03-31
Research profile: Biologiska gränsytor
Forskningscentrum: Biofilms - Research Center for Biointerfaces
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Health and Society, The Department of Biomedical Science
Subject: Naturvetenskap

Carbohydrate polymers (for example modified celluloses and starches) have a broad range of applications in many branches of industry. Practically in all applications the carbohydrate polymers are in contact with water either in form of liquid of vapor.

In this project, that will be run in collaboration with two industrial partners: Eka Chemicals AB and Magle AB, we plan to investigate carbohydrate polymer-water interactions. The main objective of the project is to get new fundamental insights into the nature of water – polymer interactions and also to optimize the properties of the polymeric materials manufactured and used by the industrial partners.

The project has three main goals: to develop a new model of water sorption behavior of carbohydrate polymers, to develop a method of assessment of porosity of carbohydrate polymers using water and to investigate the effect of water on rheological and mechanical properties of carbohydrate polymer materials. In order to achieve these goals the project is divided in three parts: sorption, porosity and rheology.


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