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Buying a home in another country: how transparent is the Internal Market?

Contact person: Sylwia Lindqvist
Responsible: Sylwia Lindqvist
Partner: Kungliga Tekniska högskola
Funding: Malmö högskola
Timeframe: 2007-01-01 -- 2010-12-31
Research profile: Urbana studier
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Culture and Society, Urban studies
Subject: Samhällsvetenskap

The study investigates the transparency on the Internal Market and look for
hindrances when buying an all-year home in another EU-country.

The comprehensive aim of this paper is to analyse the potential hindrance to
the abroad property transactions on the Internal Market. The analysis
includes the problem that can arise, the way the transactions are carried
out, the legislation, the size of transaction costs and the financing
issues. The factors that control the choice of the country are going to be
investigated, as e.g. the influence of process transparency, the transaction
costs and the tax consequences on decision making.

The concrete proposals for how the currant situation can be improved and what measures must be taken to solve the problems are going to be discussed which can give thesignals for what kind of standardization/harmonization need to be done and how to adapt the current legislations. By looking on difficulties and the problems consumers meet, the suitable solutions can be found. The research project is limited to private purchase of a one-family house or apartment in the country of the EU.

Beskrivning på svenska

Studien undersöker transparens på den inre marknaden. Ett övergripande syfte
är att analysera potentiella hinder för fastighetstransaktioner inom EU.
Analysen omfattar de problem som kan uppstå, hur transaktionerna genomförs,
lagstiftning, storleken på transaktionskostnaderna och finansieringsfrågor.
Studien är begränsad till privata bostadsköp.

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