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Biomarkers and biotherapeutics for polymicrobial infections and inflammation

Kontaktperson: Gunnel Svensäter
Ansvarig: Gunnel Svensäter
Medarbetare: Björn Klinge, Bertil Kinnby, Torbjörn Bengtsson, Örebro Univ, Börje Sellergren, Enzymatica AB, Alzecure AB, Capsenze AB och PEAS Institut AB
Finansiär: KK-stiftelsen
Tidsram: 2015-01-01 -- 2018-12-31
Fakultet/institution: Odontologiska fakulteten
Ämne: Odontologi

Bacterial proteases are a driving force for the inflammatory responses involved in both periodontitis and cardiovascular disease. The goal of this project is to develop prototypes of advanced technological tools based on an array of biomarkers (bacterial proteases and inflammatory mediators) to aid the identification of individuals at risk of severe alveolar bone loss disease prediction and treatment of periodontal disease and associated inflammatory disorders. Candidate biomarkers identified in experimental models will be validated in clinical investigations.



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