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Accelerating Digitalization Through Data: Towards Digitally Enhanced and Digital Products and Services

Kontaktperson: Helena Holmström Olsson
Ansvarig: Helena Holmström Olsson
Samarbetspartner: Chalmers, Axis communications, Grundfos, Ericsson, Jeppesen, AB Volvo
Finansiär: Finansierat av samtliga deltagande företag samt universitet i Software Center.
Tidsram: 2014-06-30 -- 2018-06-30
Fakultet/institution: Fakulteten för teknik och samhälle, Institutionen för datavetenskap och medieteknik, Institutionen för datavetenskap
Hemsida: http://www.software-center.se/

Software Center: General information
The Software Center is a research collaboration in which companies and universities work together to accelerate the adoption of novel approaches to software engineering, and to address the core challenges that software companies in Sweden and the rest of the Nordics currently face. These challenges include e.g. the competitive positioning in fast moving markets, the growing importance of software, the rapid rate of evolution of best practices in software engineering, and the difficulties companies experience in adopting these techniques.  Currently, the Software Center consists of three universities (Chalmers University of technology, University of Gothenburg and Malmö University) and eight software development companies (Saab Defense, AB Volvo, Volvo Cars, Ericsson, Axis Communications, Jeppesen, Grundfos and SONY). The director of the center is Prof. Jan Bosch, Chalmers University of Technology.

Project description: Fast Customer Feedback in Large-Scale Software Engineering
In most software development companies the road mapping and requirements prioritization process is a complex endeavor in which product management experiences difficulties in getting timely and accurate information. The feedback loop from customers is slow and often there is a lack of mechanisms that allow for efficient customer data collection and analysis. As a result, requirements prioritization becomes an opinion-based and politicized process rather than a data-driven process in which customer data guide future R&D investments. Also, without the opportunity to continuously confirm customer value, there is the risk of lack of alignment of product and customer needs during the prioritization of new software features.

In this project, we explore ways in which large-scale software development companies can shorten feedback loops to customers and allow for fast customer feedback both during and after product development. We do so by studying (1) data management practices, and (2) feature experiments that help companies continuously validate customer value. The goal of this project is to increase data-driven development practices, and to develop data management and feature experiment strategies that increase the accuracy of PM decisions and R&D management.

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