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Contact person: Henrik Emilsson
Funding: Malmö University and co-funded by the European Commision under the FP7 Programme
Timeframe: 2012-10-01 -- 2014-09-30
Faculty/Department: Global Political Studies, Faculty of Culture and Society
Subject: Samhällsvetenskap

UniteEurope is an EU-FP7 research project lasting from 2011 through 2014, aiming at supporting local decision makers and pan-European organisations in the realm of migrant integration.

The international consortium consists of integration and public administration experts, IT specialists, software developers, municipalities and NGOs from Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.

UniteEurope is developing a software for policy makers and NGOs that analyses public social media contents on city level broaching migrant integration. The city related information will be put into graphs and intuitive visualisations. 

During 2013 city administrations have been analysed with regards to (1) public administration workflows, key roles and technical systems, as well as (2) integration issues, policies and measures. Together with the development of an integration grid model that allows for filtering relevant social media contents, these elements form the social scientific basis. As such, they provide for a highly user oriented software, specifically tailored for each user organisation with a fine-meshed information gathering and categorising mechanism, based on firm integration expertise.

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