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The Practice and Politics of DIY Urbanism in African Cities

Contact person: Stephen Marr
Partner: Nordic Africa Institute; Sultan Maccido Institute, University of Abuja, Nigeria
Funding: STINT
Timeframe: 2017-08-01 -- 2017-12-31
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Culture and Society, Global Political Studies

One emergent conceptual truism in the literature on African urbanism(s) is that the unpredictable and unequal distribution of infrastructure(s) often found in African cities prompts residents to improvise their daily encounters with both urban environments and each other. Although the emphasis on experimentations in and with the informal or "invisible" city offer evocative depictions of contemporary urban life, they remain ambiguous in both application and definition.

The proposed project seeks to address these conceptual and policy issues by bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of veteran and younger scholars from Sweden, the US, and sub-Saharan Africa in a series of meetings, culminating in a workshop held in Abuja, Nigeria. The goals of the project are multiple. First, the collaborative research produced by these efforts will produce an edited volume or special issue of a journal that contributes to the burgeoning literature on comparative urbanism and "southern theory." Second, the initial project serves as a platform from which larger-scale research applications building on the established partnerships will emerge. The project will also initiate development of a faculty and student exchange between Malmö University and the University of Abuja.

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