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The Individualised Care Project

Contact person: Ewa Idvall
Responsible: Riita Suhonen University of Turku
Co-workers: Researchers from Europe and USA
Funding: Funds from Finland
Timeframe: 2005-01-01 -- 2013-12-31
Research profile: Hälsa och sociala villkor i ett livsförloppsperspektiv
Faculty/Department: Faculty of Health and Society, The Department of Care Science
Subject: Medicin

The purpose of the ICProject is to:

• describe individualised nursing care from the patients' and nurses' point of view in different settings

• describe and examine individual characteristics and structural factors that are associated with perceptions of individualised care

• compare patients' perceptions of individualised care between countries and different clinical settings

• compare nurses' and patients' perceptions of individualised nursing care

• test further and develop the Individualised Care Model (Suhonen et al. 2004)

• examine the factors that are associated with individualised care

• validate instruments for evaluation of patients' and nurses' perceptions of individualised care in clinical nursing practice.

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